What is a Hashtag? How to Use Hashtags On Social Media

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Hashtag or hash tagging is a way to add metadata to social media content, making it simpler for individuals and social media sites to find, track and understand.

A hashtag begins with the symbol #and is followed by a spaceless word or words.

For example, #backlinks, #ppc, #seoservice, #onpage are some of the common hashtags in SEO services.

Note that hashtags are not case sensitive, therefore #hashtag is the same as #HashTag and that you can use the number with your tag as #10SEOTips is the valid hashtag.

Why Use Hashtags?

In your social media campaigns, there are several reasons why you should use hashtags. The most important is:

• Users can see the message even if they don’t follow you after the specific hashtag. That is to say, you boost the prospective audience by using famous hashtags in your posts.

• This is an opportunity to add a tale to your own messages. Let’s say there is a trending tweeter story and you want to add a reply. You can use the hashtag to see your update as well.

• Hashtags facilitate the classification of your updates in social networks and make it more visible to their search features. For instance, you indicate that your tweet is about SEO by adding the hashtag #SEO to a tweet. This implies that when consumers search for SEO on Twitter, it will appear in the search outcomes.

• Studies have demonstrated that hashtags boost commitment (see information below)

How To Generate The Hashtags Of Your Own?

By adding a sign of # and phrases you want (without spaces), you can generate your own hashtags. This # myhashtag, for example, can be done.

When many individuals use it in their messages, a hashtag becomes trendy.

This is an extremely strong way for companies to interact and talk to their customers.

For example, go to # kontorara on Twitter to check how Nike uses hashtags to promote and better educate brands.

How To Use Twitter Hashtags

Twitter was the first platform to use hashtags. An old Google worker published the first hashtag tweet in 2007, and hashtags have since been common on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Studies have shown that hashtag tweets (tweets, retweets, clicks, and answers), as tweets without hashtags, receive twice as much.

How To Use Facebook Hashtags

Facebook began supporting hashtags in 2013 and while Facebook users have not been using hashtags for many years.

Facebook began supporting hashtags in 2013 and while Facebook users have not been using hashtags for many years.

What Are You Supposed To Learn About Using Facebook Hashtags?

The same rules apply as twitter, that is.

• There will be no places

• if no hashtag exists, you can just search for it using # in a bar of search if you want to pursue a hashtag.

How To Use Instagram Hashtags

It’s all about pictures and hashtags on Instagram. If you want to use hashtags, build an Instagram account and begin tagging!

When 10 + hashtags in a post are used, the interaction with a post jumps to high standards. Instagram allows the maximum amount of hashtags to 30.

When tagging (even if you are using $or%), you can use numbers but no spaces or other special characters, and click a hashtag for other posts that share the same tag.

How To Use Pinterest Hashtags

You can use # to mark your buttons with letters without spaces. They become connections and display related pins when you click.

When searching for a specific Pinterest hashtag, the most interactive pins (such as commentary, re-pins) will indicate.

How To Use LinkedIn Hashtags

Hashtags are supported and back on Linkedin. Like the other networks, the same rules apply.

Google Search Results In Hashtags

Some might be surprised, but while looking for Google, you can use hashtags. For example, you’ll find links to the # SEO pages on twitter and Google+ if you type # SEO in the search box.

You can see results from Facebook or other social networks depending on the search term you are using.


Hashtags are simple to use and offer many benefits. Inadequate using hashtags can sometimes be considered spam, and therefore it is important, if you use hashtags in your social media posts, to follow the simple rules described above.

The Number Of Hashtags Per Network is Advised:

  • Twitter: 2
  • Facebook: 2
  • Instagram: 11
  • Pinterest: 3
  • Linkedin: 2

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