What is a Chatbot -Top Ways AI is Impacting the Mobile Development Industry

People are wondering about chatbots like what is a chatbot? The answer is simple. A chatbot is one type of artificial intelligence software.

Mobile phones have been integrated into our daily lives, businesses, entertainment, and utility. The reason many businesses and enterprises are navigating their way to mobile to reach out to more customers and boosting sales. By using Artificial Intelligence, the app development industry is booming in the right direction with full-pelt. From enhancing social media searches to helping you connect with the right employers on LinkedIn, performing proactive detection, and helpful chatbots, there are many ways AI has heavily impacted our everyday lives.

The Use of Chatbots

Various types of chatbots and AI usage have made it simpler for businesses to streamline the selling processes and customer care management. This is helping big shot business owners provide better customer services. Not only they are building compelling mobile apps but developing amazing mobile experiences using Artificial Intelligence. AI-backed chatbots are heavily used in many leading applications ranging from Facebook Messenger to Slack and Telegram.

AI-based mobile apps are continuously rising because it provides powerful customer services and makes it easy for users to access anything. In 2019, there will be more AI-driven mobile apps that will dominate the app development market which shows the fast integration of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps. The usage of Artificial Intelligence is not confined to mobile apps but covers a wide array of industries.

Massive Benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

AI-backed chatbots have made customer interaction fun and engaging. The best part about using chatbots is that they won’t ever get tired or bored communicating with the customers and can provide round-the-clock services. Mobile app development companies are laser-focused on making AI-powered chatbots your 24-hour guide. Chatbots can help you design an amazing life by suggesting what works best for you, the food you prefer eating on weekends, or the type of movies based on your mood. The reason businesses hire React Native developers who can understand the benefits AI has to offer and use it seamlessly in chatbots.

Four Major Industries Using AI and Chatbots

1.Healthcare Industry

AI-driven chatbots have made it easy for healthcare providers to streamline their customer services, manage tedious administrative tasks, and offer online screening to patients living in remote areas. By using AI-backed chatbots, patients can easily communicate with doctors or surgeons anytime they want without visiting the hospital. Patients can check medical reports, scans, check calories and heart rate, and predict their health using AI-based mobile apps.


Artificial Intelligence has streamlined the financial industry in several ways. Whether it is consuming financial data to handling large investments or predicting the best stocks, AI is helping the fintech industry in many ways. Several leading fintech companies are integrating AI-based chatbots to save precious time, offer exceptional customer services, and enhance customer value. Whether it is fraud detection, risk management, or stock trading, Artificial Intelligence has impacted the financial industry in numerous ways.

3. Transportation

From predicting the fastest route to your destination to avoiding heavy traffic and giving suggestions, Artificial Intelligence has transformed the transportation industry. Car owners are experimenting on driverless cars and trucks by using AI-driven techniques to track the fastest routes and offer seamless navigation. The aim of using AI in transportation is to develop technology-driven cars, trucks, and cargo ships. It can be challenging to achieve it but companies are working aggressively on the manufacturing of AI-based cars and trucks.

4. Education

Teaching bots are uncommon but can become a great resource for students who wish to learn more on the topic. Many educators and teachers are worried that AI-driven bots can completely replace them in the education industry. But this is not the case. AI-driven bots are designed specifically to help teachers encourage students in learning complex subjects. Whether it is improving daily lectures or enhancing the student’s intelligence based on regular classes, AI-driven tactics can provide comprehensive assistance.

4 Stunning AI-Powered Mobile Apps for Millennials

Artificial Intelligence is not only boosting the leading industries but helping developers build a top-rated mobile app for customer’s ease. Consumers use AI-based mobile apps every single day but are not aware of it. Not every AI-based app offer great functionality but helps users with navigation and personal assistance.

1. Cortana

There are many unique and outstanding features in Cortana’s AI whether it is updating you about the latest weather or domestic news. The best part about using Cortana is that it has an underlying feature which understands your deep interests and provides results accordingly. For instance, if you are searching for songs related to country music, you might receive news, articles, and playlists on country music.

2. Robin

It is a stunning voice assistant for users which has many common features such as answering questions to your queries, reading your messages, or telling you the fastest route to your destination. This is all because of Artificial Intelligence which is predicting and analyzing what works best for you. Robin also offers real-time alerts and you will continue receiving notifications even when the app is turned off. It can read your latest messages, tweets, and play your favorite songs whenever you are in the mood.

3. ELSA Speak

As one of the leading AI-based apps, ELSA Speak can help anyone learn the English language just like a private instructor. This AI-driven mobile app can help you speak common English words and phrases in less than a month by using simpler techniques and powerful images. Approved by some of the top experts, ELSA Speak can help you speak English fluently and check the regular progress over time.

4. Prisma

With over 300 amazing features, Prisma is a reliable photo-editor that builds remarkable photo effects and changing your regular pictures into beautiful paintings. By using Prisma, users can create pictures just like Picasso or Salvador Dali has fallen on earth and paint it for you. From a creator’s community to fine-tuning your pictures and adding new filters daily, Prisma app is an AI-backed app which is changing the way you capture special moments.

These are a few rock-solid ways Artificial Intelligence is impacting the major industries and helping developers create compelling mobile apps. The experts have given the green light to developers using Artificial Intelligence. The reason AI-driven technology is extremely hot at the moment and will continue to flood the market in the coming years.

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