What CBD Oil, Rhea Chakraborty Recommended Sushant in WhatsApp Chats?

In this 2020 we all are suffering from much shocking news at that time media was given the very shocking news about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. So, we can’t accept this news because it is unbelievable for all. Here we will discuss that in the chat of Sushant and rhea about CBD oil is discussion Sushant and rhea WhatsApp chat.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant and it is very helpful in human life. It has many problems with solutions like anxiety, stress, and many more. In the India CBD is legal so, here we will know why Sushant was taken CBD oil and what the reason is.

What is the reason that the Sushant take CBD oil Sushant and Rhea WhatsApp chat?

Coming on the Sushant’s Singh Rajput’s death case and all types of investigation are now continue. All investigators are trying to find the reason for Sushant’s death at that time this news comes that Sushant takes CBD oil. After some research, it is known that rhea and Sushant talk about CBD oil in the WhatsApp chat.

After some research, it is proved that Sushant was taken 2-3 drops of CBD oil in the coffee. Rhea suggests them to reduce his stress, depression, and anxiety. Because CBD has the advantage of reducing pain, anxiety, and stress also.  As per the Jaya Saha suggestion, he was suffering from stress and depression for a long time that’s why CBD oil is suggested to the Sushant Singh Rajput.

In some research, it is called that Sushant takes the CBD oil which is high drugs. Rhea was suggested it that’s why all claim to the rhea but rhea says that she suggested it for their relaxation. But one more thing is that someone called that rhea was deleted the message from WhatsApp about CBD oil suggestions. As per these all things still it is not proved that it is a suicide case or murder case of Sushant.

CBD oil has many medical properties and in the research, it is proved that CBD oil is helpful for pain-relieving, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression also. We hope that he took it due to these reasons. If any updates are given by the investigation team then we will give here.












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