Top 5 Moral Stories That Will Make Your Kids Cry!

Moral Stories In Hindi are an excellent way to teach children the values of life. It is a great way to inculcate moral values in children, by narrating moral stories in Hindi. Moral stories are an excellent way to teach children about good and bad, right and wrong, respect and disrespect, and how to treat others. They can also be used as a teaching tool for students to learn about good and bad, right and wrong, respect and disrespect, and how to treat others

1 Moral Stories – bloody lake

Once upon a time there was a lake in a forest. Which was famous by the name of Khooni Lake. After evening, if anyone went to drink water in that lake, he would not come back. One day Chunnu deer came to live in that forest.

He met Jaggu Bandar in the forest. Jaggu Bandar told all about the forest to Chunnu Deer but forgot to tell about that lake. Jaggu Bandar introduced the Chunnu deer to all the animals of the forest on the second day.

Chunnu deer’s best friend in the forest turned out to be a cheeky rabbit. Whenever Chunnu deer felt thirsty, he used to go to that lake to drink water. He used to go to drink water in it even in the evening.

One evening when he went to drink water in that lake, he saw a crocodile coming towards him very fast. Seeing this, he started running towards the forest very quickly. On the way he met Jaggu Bandar.

Jaggu asked the reason why Chunnu was running so fast from the deer. Chunnu deer told him the whole thing. Jaggu monkey said that I forgot to tell you that it is a bloody lake. In which whoever goes after the evening does not come back.

But what is the crocodile doing in that lake? We have never seen him. This means that crocodile eats all the animals, whoever goes to drink water in that lake after evening.

The next day Jaggu the monkey took all the animals of the forest and went to that lake. The crocodile hid seeing all the animals coming. But the crocodile’s back was still visible above the water.

All the animals said that the thing that is visible outside this water is a crocodile. Hearing this, the crocodile did not say anything. Cheeku Rabbit put his mind and said no, it is a stone. But we will believe only when it tells itself.

Hearing this, the crocodile said that I am a stone. From this all the animals came to know that it is a crocodile. The cheeky rabbit said to the crocodile that you do not even know that stones do not speak. After this, all the animals together drove that crocodile from that lake and started living happily.

Moral of the story

Lesson: From this story we get a lesson that if we face any problem together without panic, then we can get rid of it.


2. Moral Stories – Sneaky Stone

A long time ago, a craftsman went to the forest to find a stone to make an idol. There he found a very good stone. Seeing which he was very happy and said that it is very right to make this idol. When he was coming, he found another stone, he took that stone also with him. Going home, he picked up the stone and started working on it with his tools. When the tools hit the stone, that stone started saying that leave me, it is hurting me a lot. If you hit me, I will fall apart. You make an idol on some other stone. The craftsman felt pity on hearing the stone. He left the stone and started making an idol with another stone. The stone didn’t say anything. In some time the craftsman made a very good idol of God from that stone.

The people of the village came to collect the idol after it was made. They thought that we would need another stone to crack the coconut. He also took the first stone kept there with him. Taking the idol, he decorated it in the temple and placed the same stone in front of it.

Now whenever a person came to visit the temple, he used to worship the idol with flowers, bathe it with milk and break a coconut on that stone. When people used to break coconut on that stone, they would be very upset. He would feel pain and cry but no one was there to listen to him. That stone talked to the stone made of idol and said that you are having great fun, people worship you. He bathes you with milk and offers prasad of laddus. But my luck is bad, people break coconuts on me. On this the stone made of idol said that when the craftsman was doing work on you, if you had not stopped him at that time, then today you would have been in my place.

But you have chosen the easy path, that’s why you are suffering now. That stone had understood that the stone had become an idol. He said that from now on I too will not complain. After this people would come and break coconut on it. Due to the breaking of the coconut, coconut water would fall on it too and now people started offering the idol as offerings and placing it on that stone.

Moral of the Story

Lesson: We should never be afraid of difficult situations.

3. Moral Stories – Treasure Hunt

In a village, a farmer named Ramlal lived with his wife and four boys. Ramlal used to work hard in the fields to feed his family. But all his four boys were lazy. Those who used to roam here and there in the village. One day Ramlal told his wife that right now I am working in the fields. But what will happen to these boys after me? They never even worked hard. They never even went to the farm.

Ramlal’s wife said that gradually these will also start working. Time passed and Ramlal’s boys did not do any work. Once Ramlal fell very ill. He remained ill for many days.

He asked his wife to bring all the four boys. His wife called the four boys and brought them. Ramlal said that it seems that now I will not live for long. Ramlal was worried about what would happen to his sons after he left. That’s why he said, sons, whatever I have earned in my life, that treasure is buried under my fields. After me, you take out the treasure from it and distribute it among yourselves. Hearing this, the four boys became happy. After some time Ramlal died. A few days after the death of Ramlal, his sons went to extract the treasure buried in the field. He dug the whole field from morning till evening. But they did not see any treasure.

The boys came home and told their mother that mother father had lied to us. We did not find any treasure in that field. His mother told that your father has earned only this house and farm in life. But now that you have dug the field, sow the seed in it.

After this the boys sowed the seeds and went on giving water in it as per the mother’s request. After some time the crop was ripe and ready. By selling which the boys made a good profit. With which he reached his mother. Mother said that your hard work is the real treasure, this is what your father wanted to explain to you.

Moral of the Story

Lesson: We should work hard by abandoning laziness. Hard work is the real wealth of man.

4. Moral Stories – The Fruit of Hard Work

Two friends Nakul and Sohan lived in a village. Nakula was very religious and believed in God a lot. Whereas Sohan was very hardworking. Once both of them together bought one bigha of land. Due to which he wanted to make his house by growing a lot of crops. Sohan used to work very hard in the field but Nakul did not do any work but went to the temple and prayed to God for a good harvest. That’s how time passed. After some time the crop of the field was ripe and ready.

Which both of them took to the market and sold and they got good money. After coming home, Sohan told Nakul that I will get more share of this money because I have worked hard in the field.

Hearing this, Nakul said no, I should get more share of money than you because I prayed to God for this, only then we got a good harvest. Nothing is possible without God. When both of them could not resolve this matter among themselves, both of them reached the village headman for the distribution of money.

After listening to both of them, the chief gave each of them a sack of rice in which pebbles were mixed. The chief said that till tomorrow morning, both of you have to separate rice and pebbles from it and then I will decide who should get more share of this money. Both of them went to their house with the sack of rice. Sohan stayed awake all night separating the rice and the pebbles. But Nakul went to the temple with the sack of rice and prayed to God to separate the pebbles from the rice.

The next morning, Sohan took as much rice and pebbles as he could separate and went to the chief. The chief was happy seeing this. Nakul took the same sack of the same and went to the chief.

The chief said to Nakul that show how many rice you have cleaned. Nakul said that I have full faith in God that all the rice would have been cleaned. When the sack was opened, the rice and pebbles were the same. The landlord told Nakul that even God helps only when you work hard. The zamindar gave most of the money to Sohan. After this Nakul also started working hard in the field like Sohan and this time his crop was better than before.

Moral of the story:

Lesson: From this story we get a lesson that we should never rely on God. We must work hard to get success.

5. Moral stories in Hindi – guests at home

Rahul lived with his wife Seema and his mother. During the summer vacation, Rahul’s aunt, Fufa, along with her son, Sonu, came to stay at his house. As soon as he came home, Fufa Ji told Rahul that it is very hot here.

There is no AC in the house? Rahul’s mother said brother, just a few days ago, Rahul has got AC installed in his room. On hearing this, Fufa ji told his son that he took all the goods to Rahul’s room. Rahul and his wife Seema kept quiet as they thought it was only a matter of a few days. In this way, it has been 1 month since aunt and uncle lived in Rahul’s house. Rahul asked his mother that when is the aunt going to leave. For how long will we survive by sleeping in such a hall? Rahul’s mother said son is a matter of kinship. We can’t even say anything. Rahul’s wife Seema said that everything is fine but their little son Sonu keeps on fussy in the house all day.

Yesterday he badly tore our new sofa. Rahul got very angry on the fact that he tore the new sofa. He said to his wife why don’t you stop Sonu from doing this. Seema said since when aunt and uncle have come. Some demand some food. Due to which the whole day of my mother and mother is spent in the kitchen.

Rahul said that I will now go and ask Fufa ji when will he finally go. Rahul told Fufa ji in talks that it has been 1 month. Your job holidays must have been over. Fufa ji said Rahul, when did I leave the job? Now I do business and now I am thinking of opening some business in this city also. First let me understand this city very well, which will take 2-3 months.

Hearing this, Rahul understood that Fufa ji is not going to leave yet. He told this to his wife and mother. Seema said that when the ghee does not come out with a straight finger, then the finger has to be bent.

The same thing has to be done with them as well. You leave this work to me now. That night, aunt and uncle were on the terrace. Then his son Sonu went to him shouting and said that I have just seen a witch.

Then a witch came there and said to aunt and uncle, which of you would like to be my food first. Seeing the witch, he got very scared and ran away from that house. After they left, Seema took off her witch’s mask. After the departure of the aunt’s family, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Seema’s mother-in-law told Seema that you become a very good witch. Everyone started laughing saying this.

Moral of the Story

Lesson: This story teaches us that we should not take wrong advantage of any relationship. The way the aunt’s family took the wrong advantage of their kinship and harassed others.

Moral stories Conclusion:

Moral stories are a powerful way to educate, inspire and motivate people. They can provide a very useful and effective learning tool for any audience. 5 Moral Stories is a book that was created to bring these lessons to life through the use of words, pictures and stories. It teaches us how we should treat others, how we should treat ourselves and how we should be treated by others. When you read this book, you will find yourself in the story being inspired to make changes in your own life. Do you have any moral stories that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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