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Modern business commerce and promotion have transformed widely, with TV advertisements being replaced by social media campaigns, and newspaper promotions being replaced by high brightness monitor and LCDs. While billboards and social media campaigns are gaining traction, LCDs have become one of the most prominent forms of mass information dissipation and promotion. Here, we will be taking a detailed look at them and the benefits that they bring to the table.

The LCD revolution

LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is a technology that has been widely used to develop screen panels and other display mediums. Over the years, these LCDs have been innovated and developed further and they find themselves being used in a wide variety of applications. A high brightness monitor or sunlight readable display monitor is a specialized genre of an LCD monitor display that is designed to perform efficiently under extremely illuminated conditions, like under broad daylight or well-lit public transit systems, etc. While a household monitor can generate around 200-300 nits of brightness, sunlight readable monitor can pump out 1,000 nits of brightness daily. These monitors are employed in harsh outdoor conditions, something that puts them through a lot of physical stress. To counter this, these monitors and displays are optically bonded, wherein they are placed beneath a layer of protective glass, with air filling in the gaps. This process not only ensures negligible glare and condensation but also protects the displays from the elements and miscreants. Now that we have an overview regarding these displays, let us take a look at the various benefits that they bring to the table over other contemporaries.

  • High visibility- Sunlight readable display are widely used in locations that are brightly lit, sometimes under direct sunlight. Under these harsh lighting conditions, the screens must be supremely bright as well, and these LCD panels do just that. While a normal household monitor can barely push out 200-300 nits of brightness, a high brightness display can effectively operate at ranges of 800-1000nits. This added brightness ensures top-notch visibility under hard lighting conditions. This is not only beneficial for businesses that would stand to gain from the added footfall generated by these promotions but also for public transport systems and emergency services, which can deliver critical information and announcements to the target audience at a moment’s notice.
  • Delivers correct colours- Large-scale LCDs were always plagued by the issue of bland and distorted colours, thereby misinterpreting the intended information on several occasions. Well, a modern high brightness display doesn’t suffer from these since they are each custom-calibrated for the various colours and shades so that they can deliver the actual intended tone. This factor is especially important for businesses to ensure that their logos and promotional material do not get misinterpreted and misrepresented.
  • Power consumption savings- A sunlight readable display can seem to be pretty energy inefficient, but this cannot be further from the truth since, compared to other contemporary promotional mediums, these LCDs consume a lot less power when accounted for on a large scale. This doesn’t only help improve unit economics but also contributes greatly towards cutting down on carbon emissions.
  • Easy to operate- A modern sunlight readable display is extremely easy and convenient to operate on any scale whatsoever. They are as simple as plugging an SD card or a USB stick and these screens can be controlled effectively from an internal control panel. They can be linked up using a remote server enabling them to be controlled remotely and on a larger scale, all at once.
  • Easy to read- Delivering critical information like airport gates, rail platforms, or promotional materials like advertisements can be cumbersome for the target audience to receive. There is a high chance of this information getting lost in translation or not ending up in the right place at all. A high brightness monitor can tackle this issue by making sure that they distribute the information efficiently and effectively on a large scale.
  • They are robust- High brightness LCDs are optically bonded and sealed within an external armour of metal and glass. This external protection allows it to be used efficiently in stormy situations and places with extreme climatic conditions. Some of these monitors are used on boats and for other marine applications. This requires some of them to be IP65 and IP67 certified so that they can be used even during heavy rains and rough seas.

Final take:

The methods we use to disseminate information on a large scale have seen a tectonic shift in the last couple of decades. From extreme measures like aircraft writing to newspapers and pamphlets, information has been the key to growth. The modern innovation of the high brightness monitor has revolutionized the way information is spread among the masses and the benefits that they bring to the table are immense.


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