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Stephen William Hawking, the renowned physicist and cosmologist, wealthy and author of indomitable living, Stephen William Hawking was the center of inspiration for the whole world. He was the research director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology, the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge. He played an important role in explaining the Black Hole and Big Bang Theory. Apart from this, he also contributed significantly to the field of radiation. Despite being physically incapacitated, he showed the world that if there is encouragement within the person, then there is nothing impossible for him.

Birth and childhood of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England. His father’s name was Frank (1905–1986) and mother’s name Isobel (1915–2013). His mother was working as a secretary in a medical research institute and Frank worked as a researcher in the same institute. But in spite of this their economic condition was not very good. When the Second World War started, they came to Oxford for livelihood, where Hawking was born.

Hawking’s father wanted him to study biology. But he was interested in mathematics. His mathematical interest is revealed by the fact that he made a computer out of the parts of old electronic devices with the help of some people to solve mathematical equations.

Stephen Hawking’s education initiation

After his early education, Hawking attended University College, Oxford. Stephen Hawking was a very common student in his childhood, but he excelled in physics in the undergraduate examination. He then moved to Cambridge to study cosmology. There he did research in cosmology. He received his Ph.D. Obtained the title of.

Vulnerable to rare disease

When Stephen Hawking was 21 years old, he fell down unconscious, descending the stairs. At the same time, there were some special changes in his body. When he was critically examined, doctors found out that he was in the grip of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease related to muscle and brain. All the organs of the person suffering from this disease gradually stop functioning. And finally, the death of the patient results from the closure of the windpipe.

Doctors said that Hawking is now a guest for a maximum of two years. But Hawking did not give up. He said that I will live for fifty years, not two, not twenty. At that time nobody believed his words. But all the people gave him a yes to tie them up. But the rich hawking of strong will showed what he said. And he continued to serve the society for more than fifty years.

Stephen Hawking married

In January 1965, Stephen Hawking met Jane Wilde in New Year celebrations. Jane was very impressed by Hawking’s cheerful nature and merit, and she fell in love with him. Jane and Stephen got married on 14 July 1965. By then, the entire right part of the hawking had become lifeless and they could move around with the help of a stick. But Jane did not leave them. She devotedly engaged in the service of Stephen, so that he could devote all his time to his research work. Due to this disease, he later had a lot of difficulty in speaking, due to this he started using the speech-generating device. When he became completely unable to move as the disease progressed, he started using a technically equipped wheelchair, but never gave up.

Stephen Hawking also became the father of three children. But in 1995 Stephen Hawking was divorced by his first wife, Jane Wilde. The reason for this divorce is believed to be his atheistic thoughts. He was a rational scientist and challenged the power of God with his arguments, which Jane Wilde did not like. He was then married to a nurse named Ileana Mason. But this marriage also did not last long and they have divorced again in 2007.

Stephen Hawking’s research work

Stephen never let the disease dominate him. He continued his research work despite a physical disability. In 1965, his first research article ‘On the Hoyle Narlikar Theory of Gravitation’ was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society. He received his doctorate degree in 1966. He then began research work on the black hole in collaboration with London mathematician Roger Nelrose and was able to demonstrate radiation emission from the black hole using quantum theory and general relativity.

Hawking was elected a member of the Royal Society at the age of 32. He was the youngest scientist to achieve this feat. In 1979, he became Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. His 1988 book “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME” was published, which created panic around the world. According to the Guinness Book, it is the best-selling evergreen book, which continues to attract everyone.

His second book related to Hawking’s discoveries is ‘The Cosmos Explained’, published in 1998. In this book, he has explained the basis of human existence and its relation to things around. Another of his books is ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ (2001), in which he reveals recent discoveries in physics.

The film based on the life of Stephen Hawking

‘The Theory of Everything’ was also released in 2014 on Stephen Hawking and Jane Wild’s Love Story. In this Hollywood movie, Stephen Hawking was played by British actor Eddie Redmayne. Eddie’s character in the film was well-liked. For this, he also got the Best Actor Oscar for that year.

Stephen Hawking himself also participated in several TV shows. Especially in the famous TV show ‘The Bigbang Theory’ he participated in many episodes and explained the rules explaining the phenomena of the universe to the audience in simple language.

Stephen Hawking Awards and Honors

Stephen Hawking has received more than a dozen awards, including the Royal Society Medal (1976), Albert Einstein Medal (1979), Order of the British Empire (1982), Wolf Award for Physics (1988), Prince of Austrian Award (1989), American Physics Society’s Julius Edgar Linfield Award (1999) and America’s highest civilian honor President’s Medal (2009).

Death of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is also considered a genius of geniuses. His IQ is 160, which itself bears testimony. Hawking faced all kinds of challenges in life and thrived on them. In the year 2007, he flew in a specially designed aircraft without gravity and returned to the earth safely. He lived a successful life of 76 years, battling his illness. And finally on 14 March 2018, he said goodbye to the earth. But a motivational story left behind will continue to inspire people for centuries to come.

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