4 Foolproof Ways to Develop an Endearing Custom Soap Box Packaging

Custom soap box packaging is an excellent way to promote your products in the retail environment. The eye-catching design of the packaging help establishes a psychological and physical connection. More importantly, it helps the customer identify your soap in a crowded aisle and reassures they have bought the right product. But, this can only happen when the packaging quality meets your customers’ expectations head-on. Wondering how on earth you can develop such custom soap boxes? Well, here are some foolproof ways to design a winning packaging that guarantees better shelf sales and improves your bottom line.

Choose an Easy-to-Absorb Design Soap Box Packaging

A simple packaging design tells your customers right away about what you are selling. Since a lot of customers quickly move through the retail aisles, your product packaging only has a few seconds to grasp their attention and sway them to purchase your product. According to research, it takes a customer less than 20 seconds to decide if an item is likable or not. This means your packaging must instantly allow customers to comprehend what they are looking at, what it does, and what brand is presented to you.

Here is how you can keep the design of your custom printed soap boxes simple and informative:

  • Use clear and appealing illustrations.
  • Make sure the front side of the packing should be free from clutter.
  • Print benefits of your soaps on the packing to seize more sales.
  • Keep your product name and description short and crisp, so buyers can instantly identify what it is.
  • Use a font style that’s clear and succinct. Complex font often clutters up the packaging.
  • Avoid using too many bold elements as they cancel one another out and make your packaging overwhelming.

In brief, one should always opt for a look that is easy to scan. Else, customers will end up confusing your product with another or avoid to buy it altogether.

Develop a Clear Vision & Plan

Developing a clear vision and plan before embarking on the design journey. It’ll make the process pretty straightforward. That said, there are several factors one must bear in mind when planning and designing, so take your time and work through the ideas. It’s a first step to creating excellent graphics for your packaging as it requires great attention and time.

To accomplish your packaging goal, answer the following questions:

  • What kind of reaction do you expect from the customers when they first see your custom soap box?
  • How do you want them to perceive your product by seeing the box?
  • Do you want to put a green packaging logo on the containers?
  • Are you trying to evoke nostalgia with soap scents?
  • Do you want your product to be perceived as fresh and new?

With a quality product packaging, you can influence these impressions. Another important factor to consider in the initial stages is your core audience. If you know who you are targeting, and what those people prefer, it becomes a lot easier to develop a packaging that grabs their attention. For instance, packaging designed for kids’ products won’t look the same as the one that targets middle-aged people.

Do not Over Promise or Under Deliver

Topnotch packaging highlights the best features of your product. But you certainly want to be honest and accurate when describing various aspects of your soaps. When working on your packaging design, incorporate promises that you can live up to. And this honesty comes into play at every step of the way, be it copy, graphics or more.

For example, if you imprint an illustration of your soap on the cardboard box, it must look exactly like your product. In simple terms, don’t make your product look better than it does in the real world. The same holds true for the claims and or descriptions you will print on the box. This doesn’t mean you cannot brag about your soap, but one must avoid exaggerating the details.

Exaggerating the facts may get you a lot of initial sales, but this success won’t last too long. Soon, your target customers will find the truth and they won’t buy your product ever again. But the worst part is, they may tell others not to buy your soaps. So, it’s best to avoid embellishing the facts to increase sales. Add things your soaps can honestly justify and discard the rest.

Analyze Your Competition

Soap marketing is already seeing a tight competition. If you want to stand out, it’s best to analyze your competitors’ packaging to get some inspiration. This doesn’t mean you should copy what others are doing. As a matter of fact, imitating a competitor’s packaging will never allow your soaps to stand out. Instead, make serious strides to uncover ways how your packaging can look different. Answering the following questions can help you come up with a better design:

  • What are some common practices in your niche?
  • Is everyone opting for plain packing and neutral colors?
  • Are all the images on the boxes are predominantly illustrations?
  • Should you infuse bold colors in your packaging?
  • Can a photographed image help you stick out?

In a few words, the aim should be to understand what your competition is doing well and how you can improve upon it or discover a new way to set yourself apart. Beyond this, you can seek inspiration from the packaging of completely different products.