Tips For Security Guard Training In Calgary

The term security guard is not something I like. The term security guard was abandoned around 30 years ago. I prefer the term officer because it better describes the professionalism and responsibilities required in today’s security industry. 

We protect clients’ and companies’ lives and properties, but we also do more. We use the term officers to describe our employees and to inspire them to live up to the title.

Both officers and management must play a part in this. The administration must refrain from using the guard as a derogatory term because of their work performance.

They must also provide security guard training. A List Security is a security services provider company.

This brings us to the second group: the officers. They must also change. To make this transformation successful, the officers need to improve their performance.

They won’t be able to see the importance of their job as security officers if they don’t believe in it. Guards are not willing to do more than necessary. This is one of the significant differences between officers and guards.

What do you ask or command them to do to make them officers? You don’t. They have to decide if they want to make a change and behave like officers, not guards. These tips should help them identify their goals and motivate them to make the change.

The Importance Of Education

A Bachelor’s degree is not necessary for good officers. Even if a person is just a high school graduate, they can still be a great security officer. It is essential that they are enthusiastic about learning and don’t stop learning.

Surprised people are often surprised to learn that I don’t have a degree. Many people want to know how I got so well-educated in security and workplace violence. It was because I began learning by myself and never stopped.

Before I went blind in 2003, I read between 4 and 5 newspapers per day. I also read as many magazines and newspapers as possible, particularly those focused on the security industry. I learned a lot by reading.

I read everything and anything I could, including industry magazines about plastics, construction, and heavy manufacturing, among other things.

While they were dedicated and conscientious, I have seen security officers who didn’t look like professionals and weren’t as educated. However, I have had “guards” who had college degrees but were not dedicated enough to their job.

Promote The Spirit Of Learning

It is essential to inform your officers about what’s happening within the company and in the industry. An introductory orientation class should be offered to all security companies. However, this is not enough.

They will have to adjust their behavior once they are on the job. However, it is vital to get started training early because that’s when you can establish the expectations and habits of a professional officer.

Please encourage them to read on a wide range of topics. Provide magazines on the manufacturing and plastics industries to those who work in plastics plants. Even if you are a rover, your officers must know your client’s business.

The Best Training Is On The Job

It doesn’t matter if your guards have attended the required training seminars or videos. This is not enough to train them. There is a considerable difference between classroom training and on the job. Mobile security in Calgary is also a crucial part of the guad’s training.

On job training is a crucial aspect of being a professional security guardian. On job training is a way for officers to learn the specifics of their posts, even though the orientation training is in general. Your officers will become more aware of everything that happens in the new facility if they pay enough attention to the job.

Your officer should learn to comprehend every inch of the facility as part of their education. They should inspect and report all dark corners, creaky windows, storage spaces, and other issues.

They will be able to learn about the facility by simply wandering around and getting lost. They will be able to spot any problems and report them correctly. Education is only one step to helping your guards become officers.

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