Secret Ideas for Things to do in Mumbai Today

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The Financial Capital City of India or the City of Dreams, Mumbai is a fantastic tourist spot in India to explore different shades of the city. It is a great tourism hub for many touristic attractions, that maybe some historical sights, the beauty of beaches, busy lifestyle, or else others.

But if you want to see unusual or offbeat Mumbai means, you have to think in a different way compared to others.

If you do like you can experience some interesting things to do in Mumbai.

Take A Cycle Ride At Midnight:

Mumbai is always a busy city which runs 24 hours round the clock. Even nights also the city doesn’t seem to be in sleeping mode. But compare to mornings traffic in Mumbai at night times is very less and comfortable to roam.

So if you want to round up Mumbai roads in nights means, you can do it with midnight cycle trips in Mumbai. Yes, in Mumbai some cycling groups organize midnight cycle rides.

If you are interested you can explore the nightlife of Mumbai while all are busy in sleep. It will be very interesting and enthusiastic to experience like this thing.

Visit The Oldest Byculla’s Zoo:

A Zoo in Byculla known as Jijamata Udyaan is a great tourist spot in Mumbai to visit, but a very few only know that the Zoo is there in Mumbai. It is one of the historic and oldest zoos in India which was built in the 1800s.

Most of the tourists visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park rather than this one because it is not familiar as like it. This zoo spreads over 50 acres and home to many endangered animals such as hippos.

Here a great number of crocodiles, leopards, and different species of birds stands as major wildlife attractions. If you want to see Hippos, Byculla Zoo is worth enough to visit.

Explore The Streets Of Bandra:

Bandra a must visit place in Mumbai. It is a great place to witness the beautiful and amazing street art culture. The small and narrow lanes of Bandra was completely filled with gorgeous street paintings of Bollywood actors, myths, stories, etc. Everyone who visits this area will definitely bowl to the charm of street paintings.

Also, Bandra is a favorite meeting hub point for locals. Because here a number of cafes and food stalls are flocked. Due to the reason, Bandra is a well-known meeting hub in Mumbai.

Experience the heritage of Khotachiwadi:

In Mumbai, Khotachiwadi is a famous small heritage village. The history of this village dates back 200 years ago. In this village, many old remnants depict the great history of the village.

Especially here you can see Portuguese architectural houses which were built in the times of Portuguese rule.

In Mumbai, this village seems to be very different from the other parts of Mumbai with beautiful and colorful looks.

Historic Caves of Mumbai:

Mumbai has also a rich wealth of historical attractions such as Worli Fort, Bandra Fort, Bassein Fort, Gateway of India, and others. Notably, there are three cave points in Mumbai. Among them, Elephant Caves are well-known to all and it was located on Elephant Islands close to the Arabian Sea.

The remaining two are Kanheri Caves and Jogeshwari Caves. Kanheri Caves are located in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, these caves are built in 1st century BCE and Jogeshwari Cave temples are date backs to 6th century CE. The three cave temples are mostly dedicated to Buddhist and Hindu deities.

To witness the beautiful architecture and rock-cut craftsmanship means, visiting these three caves are a must-do thing in Mumbai.

Here a few things only mentioned but if you explore or visit India Mumbai completely, you will go through many interesting and mind-blowing views. It is no doubt Mumbai is also a defined place for many unusual things to do.

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