Save Money on Ducted Air Conditioning With Energy Star Appliances

Heating and cooling costs can be a significant expense for the homeowners. If your air conditioning or heating unit is more then ten or twelve years then you are probably throwing away money unnecessarily on your electricity bills. Today homeowners have many options at their fingertips also. Therefore by upgrading the energy star air conditioner model, you can save considerable amounts of money in each year off by reducing your gas and electricity usage.

This does not even take into consideration and tax rebates and credits that are available from states and also from the government. Energy saving consumer products generally uses thirty percent less energy than the standard models. Their aim is to reduce the low electricity bills as compared to other models. If you compare to standard models, then it cost more upfront but will repay the difference for years to come.

The ducted air conditioning Sydney units are readily available today in all major appliances retailers. Their efficiency has rated and a good retailer can help you to select the appropriate size for your residence or office building. Although you could save money by installing yourself as it is recommended that these units be installed by a properly trained technician.

A poor installation will net the different results than what is expected. In terms of cost savings not only you will benefit from an efficient air conditioning unit but you will also see saving from ensuring that your home is all good as well as airtight.

An airtight home is one that reduces leaks through the holes on poor windows. A professional technician can evaluate how airtight your home is and make the recommendations for improvements.

A heating and air company also may also be able to assist by checking for leaks in the ventilation system or ductwork. It is important to address the leaks because even an energy saving appliance will not be able to deliver its full potential of saving if the home is drafty.

There are some of the tips to reduce the expenses while your house remains refreshingly cool as follows:

Maintain the indoor temperature: You should raise your interior temperature when you are not in the home and during the overnight hours. When you are at home, then you should keep the thermostat high.

You may be surprised at how comfortable you can be at high temperatures as long as your HVAC unit removes the humidity from the air. You can save here up to fifteen percent on your overall bill just by raising your thermostat a couple of degrees when you are not at home.

You should avoid cooking: You should skip the stove or the oven on the hottest days of the year. Instead of that go out to eat, bring food inside or use the outdoor grill.

You could also just eat light food to avoid heating up in the kitchen. If it is more necessary to cook then you can use the microwave instead of the oven or stoves.

Do planting on the outside of the home: Most of the heat that builds in a home is a direct result of sunlight that hitting the roof and shining in through the windows. The outside shade can be an effective way to naturally low inside the home temperature.

If more trees grow in the landscape then it can help to block the warm sun rays from hitting a structure. You may also enjoy increasing the air conditioning efficiency by as much as ten percent.

Although planting trees up to long height is not a small undertaking, the savings you will experience can make this effort worthwhile.

The use of fans: Moving air is extremely effective for increasing the comfort level in a residence. As you all know that fans need not be expensive or high -tech to keep a home bearable in the heat.

Ceiling fans are one of the option to move air in the rooms. You can also use the window fans in windows t exhaust the warm air out of the house or pull the cool air inside the home.

Maintain the efficiency of the windows: Windows is the significant source of the heat as well as the cool air to enter the home. Installing the solar screens over the windows can block as much as, sun rays from entering into the home.

Make sure that you install these solar screens on all the eastern and western exposure windows to block early morning and late afternoon solar energy.

New window technology offers the glazing that blocks the majority of the suns heat rays. So you should always close the windows during the hot hours of the days to prevent the hot air entering from the home.

Always maintain the HVAC equipment: Proper maintenance is important to keep the equipment running efficiently. Whenever you want to do the service of air conditioners then choose the HVAC professional service for your air conditioning unit once in a year.

You should replace the worn parts at that time. Exchange the filters regularly when they become clogged. If your unit is older then you might replace it with a newer and more efficient unit. With all these details and ongoing maintenance, you can keep your house cool without overspending much.

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