Sacred Games Season 2: Five Major Questions Fans Want A Final Response To From ‘ Who is Guruji? ‘ This Is Why Fans Are So Excited!

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With Netflix’s Second Sacred Games season 2 just around the corner, some bright questions will be answered by fans who waited a year with the breath-taking breath. On 15 August, Netflix will launch Season II of the renowned crime drama.

The tale goes up instantly as Saif Ali Khan’s stoic cop Sartaj Singh discovers a nuclear bunker full of indications for an imminent terrorist attack and a mysterious stranger has broken out of prison Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s formidable gangster.

In its opening scenery, Gaitonde warns Sartaj about the deceased of Mumbai in 25 days, thereby moving Sartaj’s search for hints into motion. But 14 days of the remaining Gaitonde 25 and more issues than responses finish the show.

Here are some of the biggest questions on fans’ minds before Sacred Games season 2 answers them on August 15.

What’s in the bunker?

In the final scene of the first season, Sartaj hits a bunker to discover Trivedi, one of Gaitonde’ s three parents and Bhosle the politician and Guruji the godman. The bunker is stacked against the wall and Trivedi is found next to it with a gas mask.

Some on Reddi said that supplies like food and water have been made available to suggest that Trivedi should not die and something must have forced Gaitonde, who himself dies at the start of the first episode, to kill him. Gaitonde refers to the fact that those he trusted most have betrayed him, which fuels his vengeance.

The credibility of Gaitonde’s death, partially helped by his surreal resurrection after having fired on Sartaj, has been also questioned. And he tells his tale from beyond the tomb, let’s not forget.

Is a nuclear attack being planned?

The existence of a Geiger counter next to the body of Trivedi indicates that something sinister is at stake. The tool is used for radiation measurement, which indicates that the Gaitonde menace may be nuclear. And the more adult spectators must have noticed a nuclear explosion in the opening credits of the show.

Are weapons being smuggled into the country to prepare for religious warfare?

There is also the question of the transport of weapons that Sartaj discovers and was smuggled into the nation by Bhosle, perhaps to safeguard the country’s troops in the imminent assault-an attack that Guruji had planned.

The personality of Malcolm, performed in the Luke Kenny series, compared to David Headley, the supposed ISI agent who played a role in the 26/11 Mumbai assaults. This theory on YouTube is also compared.

Who does Kalki Koechlin play?

The character of Kalki appears to be especially mysterious. She has been seen both in the past and today-perhaps a former Guruji devotee, who has since turned his ideology against him. The trailer also featured Gaitonde, the hitman of Luke Kenny and Sartaj’s father in the background of a shot towards the trailer’s end. Senior Inspector Singh is looking at the end of the trailer quickly asking Gaitonde if he’s ever encountered God. Gaitonde had a profound connection with Sartaj’s father during the last season.

Hindustan Times said Kalki was partly influenced by Maa Anand Sheela, the contentious former right-wing lady of religious guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and his personality, Batya Abelman.

Who is Guruji?

In the second season of the Sacred Games, Pankaj Tripathi Guruji will play a key part. Actually, Tripathi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saif Ali Khan have been credited with the same title card at the end. We can see his charismatic personality throughout the trailer. We see him delivering sermons, plotting terrorist attacks, performing rituals, and perhaps even having sex with one of his supporters.

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