Role Of Social Media Marketing In Event Promotions

Nowadays, there is huge competition in the market for attracting customers in the best possible way. With so many innovations at your doorstep, there are plenty of options for the audience to choose from on the bucket list. With respect to events, promotions are an integral part of a successful event. However, as the event industry has evolved, so has the way of promoting events. As of now, social media is playing an important role in making events successful. In addition to this, it is also capturing the attention of the audience with its astonishing features and customizable pages. This blog is all about listing some useful ways to promote your event on social media. Additionally, we’ll also list some of the most popular social media platforms for running promotional activities.

Power Of Social Media

The most traffic on the internet is on social media. With the majority of platforms providing free services, these are the internet’s hotspots for the online crowd. For example, if you use Instagram, you can attract a large number of people to like, comment on, and view your post simply by using a trending hashtag.

Similarly, if you’re using Facebook, you can make your profile open to the public so that your every activity can be viewed by a random audience around the world. In addition to this, most of the virtual event platform are using social media for their event promotions and other campaigns. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore the importance of event marketing in the current scenario.

Why Is Event Marketing Important?

Events are evolving with the demands of the audience. With the coming of different event service providers with their interactive features, audiences are switching towards the digital way of hosting events. But, here’s the question – How do they even know that an event is happening?

The answer to this question is event marketing. Event marketing is nothing but bringing your target audience from around the world under a single roof with the help of promotional activities. In addition, it makes your audience aware of the event’s timing. In fact, with the help of reminder emails and post-event feedback, you can actually make random people your potential customers.

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Top 5 Ways To Promote Events On Social Media

Here are some of the most popular ways to popularize your event-

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for influencing online audiences. With its countdown feature, you can set the end date of the event that keeps popping up in your story. Furthermore, this keeps your followers aware of the event and ensures their active participation.

Creation Of Event Page

With the help of virtual event platforms, you can easily customize your landing pages. In addition, landing pages are the face of your event before it begins. Try to include a brief description of your event’s theme.

Use  Event Hashtags

Event hashtags let you invite lots of people to your event. You can create the hashtags following your event name and post them on leading social media platforms. The work of these hashtags is to discover new profiles based on search terms related to your event and make them part of your audience as well. However, the hashtags should be unique and easy to spell. In addition to this, you can also use other printed materials.

Provide Event Teasers

Event teasers are the best way to create hype among your audience for the event. In addition to this, you can also describe the theme of your event and its major highlights in your event teasers. Again, social media is the place where all the magic happens. All you need to do is post it on different social media platforms.

Try Innovative Ways

Innovative planning means you can also think outside the box to make your event successful. It starts with utilizing social media to its full potential. To reach a larger audience for your event, conduct interviews with event attendees on virtual event software. In addition to this, it also includes live tweeting on Twitter to gain maximum exposure.

Top 3 Popular Social Media Channels To Promote Your Event


It is one of the best platforms to showcase what you’ve got to a global audience out there. An efficient means of announcing promotions. This social media platform is crucial, especially if you want to connect with a younger demographic. You can also create posts and stories for Instagram using your Facebook business manager, where you can set budgets and target particular demographics.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Your business must have a Facebook presence in order to operate. It is a helpful platform for sharing information about your business, such as the launch of new goods and/or services, adjustments to the hours of operation, or promotions.


You can communicate with people using Twitter in just a few words. It’s a fantastic way to stay informed about the conversation surrounding your brand. All bits of knowledge that you can employ to boost the success of your company.

Tips For Effectively Promoting Your Event

Here are some of the handy tips for effectively hosting your event successfully-

  • You can also include a past reel of the event to highlight key activities.
  • In addition to this, you can add video invitations and send them to your attendees for a good first impression.
  • Creation of the customizable landing pages is a must for gathering the maximum audience count for the event. Landing pages are the face of your event before it’s actually happening.
  • You can also keep regularly updating social media with different pictures and videos for the event. In fact, you can also popularize your event hashtag on these platforms


Social media is one of the best ways to influence audiences around the world. Vision is always better than hearing, and you can take advantage of this. In addition to this, with the help of virtual event platforms, you can sell your product or service to a global audience, generate high-quality leads, and work towards growth and development.

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