Redesigning Jewellery, One piece at a time – jewellery Customisation

Every little piece of jewellery you own weaves a tale of yourself, a little bit of your personality, and a little bit of your taste. What better way to show your individuality than with a bespoke piece of custom jewellery made by you, in a world where everyone is constantly seeking new ways to make their individuality stand out.

Although many shops give the option of customising jewellery, the personalised jewellery experience is smooth, immersive and uncomplicated at kaashusa.

You may have some design choices in mind for a first-timer with custom jewellery or you may have an abstract idea that you would like an accomplished designer to make more concrete. Kaashusa ‘s team of in-house designers with their jewellery skills are enthusiastic, skilled and well-versed. Let them sit with you and get more clarity on your goals for the design. You will address your budget, your choice of metal or gemstone, or the ability to wear this piece of jewellery.

It just takes a few days for the prototypes to take shape and make their way to practical drawings that you can imagine vividly, until the team has all the details they need. Before you find ‘the one’, the team will give you some choices to choose from. Shop at kaashusa for the best collection of Animal Pendants.

You can take your time to finalise your design and then move on to the next step-choosing your choice of high-quality gemstones or diamonds from a curated collection. Let the designers create the design on paper carefully, with the gemstones you have picked, so that you know what the final piece is going to look like. Once they have the green signal from you, let the designers and craftsmen do their magic-watch how your idea, which was only on paper until now, unfolds into existence with a little melted gold and ingenious handcrafting. The first move starts by developing a concept structure that is exactly like the original specification.

When your design is ready with this metal outline, you can go down to the kaashusa store for a fitting to ensure that every detail in the design is to your liking. At this point, any little tweaks with the length or how the jewellery fits on you can be changed. The customization experience at kaashusa stands out with these little customer-centric, customised information. When the design team has the approval of the structure and fit, the final stage of the completion process takes place. The designers will submit the structure of your design back to the workshop where the final gemstones will be set up by professional craftsmen and a new masterpiece will be born!

Your jewellery is shipped to you in a breath-taking, vintage-looking, ornate, handcrafted jewellery box to make this unique customization experience even more special. Kaashusa is confident that she knows how to make her clients feel unique. With a gorgeous piece of jewellery nestled inside, these jewellery boxes look even more exquisite.

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