Plus Size Ladies Fashion Hacks You Need To Apply S.O.S

As fashion is growing more and more inclusive with every passing day, designers are racking their brain for coming up with ideas regarding plus size ladies fashionThere was a time when curvy ladies had to make do with just baggy garments. They could hard get their hands on alluring garment options which could fit them properly. Fashion at that time was earmarked only against slender women.

Things have changed drastically off lateand ladies can easily get their hands on an array of garment options which can blend in the best of style and comfort. But before you pick up just anything that looks good on the mannequin, give your own body shape a consideration. To make things easy, we have collated expert prescribed dressing tips which can help you in building an enviable wardrobe collection.

  • Dark colors can hide while light colors can highlight. This serves as one the basic principles of plus size ladies fashion. You need to thus plan your garment in such a way that the light colors drape your best areas while the dark hues de-emphasize and cover up your problem spots.

Women having a hourglass frame can draw attention towards their waist line by pairing up a light hued belt over a dark hued shirt. Similarly, pear shaped ladies can de-emphasize their bottom portion by teaming dark pants with a brightly coloured top.

  • Extremely big patterns such as a huge hibiscus flower is an unflattering choice in plus size ladies fashion. Rather it is advisable to opt for subtle prints which are in proportion to your size.
  • Stripes look extremely gorgeous on plus size women provided they run through their garments in a vertical or horizontal manner. Horizontal stripe is a strict no-no as they tend to create the illusion of a broader structure. You can readily opt for an abstract print or pinstripes which have been accredited for flattering the curves of plus sized ladies. However, if you have smaller bust region in comparison to your hip portion, then you can proceed with horizontal stripes for bringing your bust line into focus.
  • If you wish to de-emphasize a particular spot, then you need to avoid wearing garments which have ruffles in that place. Rather these ruffles need to appear on places you wish to emphasize. As a rule of thumb, plus size ladies fashion suggest wearing dresses having ruffles at the cuffs.
  • Gathered or ruched fabrics can make your frame look smaller. However, rather than going for a completely ruched dress, you should limit to it places you wish to camouflage such as your waistline. Maybe this is why plus size ladies look exceptionally gorgeous wearing tops having ruched panels over the belly area.
  • As per the rules of plus size ladies fashion, all colors do not look equally flattering on women of varying skin tones. While a flattering tone can bring out your inner glow, a wrong color choice can make you look washed-out and sallow.
  • For making the most out of any dress you wear, it is imperative to set the foundation right with a proper sized bra. Your final appearance will hardly be good if you are sporting a flimsy underwear which does not render adequate support to your bust region.

Apart from making you look gorgeous, a properly fitted bra can also buffer you from succumbing to back aches. If you are not sure about your exact size, then you can readily visit a lingerie store and ask the sales lady for assistance and recommendations.

High-waisted and low-legged underwear made of supportive cotton fabric can render a slim look to your thighs and hips.


Now that you have gained first hand idea about the primary rules of plus size dressing, it is time to inculcate the same to your daily routine to have the spotlight on you at all times.

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