Are Dating Apps Really Causing a Rise in Online STD Screening?

As technology is developing day by day; the negative effects of it is also rising. It is true that technology has its benefits like there are many Online STD screening that can be used to test the presence of various diseases. But at the same time, many people misuse modern techniques and make it the cause of problems.

What Are Dating Apps?

In ancient and medieval ages people used to court so that they can find out whether they are right for each other or not. There were many social gatherings in which couples got the opportunity to see, talk and get to know each other.

In the same way today people meet one another but the name has been changed to dating. Now, social gatherings have changed into dating apps. These are mobile online applications where people can meet a variety of other individuals.

Personalities and Dating Apps

If you think that the dating apps that are operating on the internet are the same then you have been misguided. Not all applications are identical; you can find many according to different personalities and needs of the individual who wants to use it.

  1. There are people who are very cautious about their reputation and don’t want others to know about their dating activities. There are apps that can hide you from others just in case someone you know is also on these apps.
  2. Many individuals don’t want to have a serious relationship with anyone and are a playboy. Specific online dating sites can provide this type of satisfaction.
  3. Special mobile apps are available for those working classes who want to date someone like them.
  4. Then there are people whose mind is bent on marriage only. They don’t beat about the brush or have any intention of passing time with others.
  5. There are several apps that are women-oriented. If you are an individual who wants to be the leader and the first one to initiate everything then there are many dating apps right for you.

Other Disadvantages of Online Dating Apps

No one can deny the fact that dating apps are the major cause of the rise in STDs, but there are other difficulties faced by users. The internet is full of materials that show the various disadvantages; some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Users get confused because there are hundreds of profiles to choose from and people often make the wrong decision.
  2. Nowadays people are experiencing fraud as many of the profiles are false and the individuals who made them don’t even exist.
  3. At many times the two people who are dating don’t get the chance of meeting in person so there is a lack of personal and emotional connection.
  4. On several occasions the data of users has been hacked by others; so there is less security of personal information on the dating apps.

Reasons for Rising in STDs

Although the dating apps seem to be harmless and not dangerous you will be surprised to know that the spread of many sexually transmitted diseases has increased. You will be astonished to know that many of the people who have used dating sites and apps have found out that they are suffering from STDs with the help of tests at Healthck. Following are the main reasons as to why these apps are harmful.

Less Use of Condoms

It is somewhat true that circumcision reduced the spread of STDs but doesn’t totally stop from spreading. This is a reason for couples not using condoms or other protection. Or simply they don’t bother to because research has shown that it gives more pleasure to the couple.

Information is Incomplete

The users of apps are not honest and sincere and don’t provide the complete information that is needed. If they are asked about whether they have STDs or not; they lie because they think that if someone knows about their condition then no one will date them.

The Conditions are Left Unreported

If someone finds out that he/ she is suffering from STDs and one of the persons you dated transferred it to you then what you will do? If you ask them about it many of them will not cooperate because it can ruin their reputation, so hundreds of cases go unreported.

You Date Multiple People

Majority of the diseases spread when you date multiple partners. You are more prone to have because you don’t know the person from whom you have got the diseases. There are users who have a habit of having many partners at one time. This is the most dangerous situation for everyone.

Not having Online STD screening

Many people don’t bother to have Online STD screening because they think they don’t have it. This attitude develops because the symptoms of these diseases exhibit late and at many times don’t show at all. People show no interest in those things that pose a threat to them. But it is really crucial that you take several precautions so that the spreading of STDs can be controlled.

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