How Do Moisture Balance Analyzer Work?

Moisture analyzers which are sometimes known as moisture balance is a device which is used to measure the moisture content of different types of samples in different forms like gases, liquid and solid.

The traditional moisture testing methods were very time consuming and often not accurate which led to the creation of a moisture analyzer. The traditional analyzers often required a lot of manual labor to get the results which were most of the time not accurate. The moisture analyzer or the moisture balance can, however, give accurate results and complete a task that would previously take hours in a matter of a few minutes.

Moisture analyzers are used in many industries, mainly the food industry as there is a lot of testing done on the food to know the moisture value. Moisture often adds weight to food which is unfair to eutomer who will be paying more for less quantity and more moisture can make the food more prone to contamination. Sometimes moisture is even important for foods to keep the maintain the calorie count in the food and to prevent it from going dry. Moisture analyzers help in maintaining this moisture balance to provide the best quality of food.

Moisture analyzers are also often used for other quality management purposes and maintenance of laboratories. It is used in various different field to control the level of moisture in various different products like oil, chemicals, and other solids, liquids or gases that are tested in these laboratories.

The moisture analyzer works on a specific method of loss on drying. It calculates the weight of the sample with moisture in it and then heat dries it up to again take the weight and measure the loss of moisture by the loss in mass. The measurement of moisture often uses the same techniques but the process of heating up and drying is often different in different moisture analyzers that are used for different purposes.Some moisture analyzers use infrared whiles some use glass free metal heaters. This moisture analyzer or moisture balance is used in combination with the precision balance for the process of heating.

Most of the moisture analyzers usually use a computer or digital interface to help with the process of observation. This computer interface decreases the chances of any issues and often gives accurate results. This computer interface also helps in conducting the drying process and also calculating its specific effects on the sample. these computer interfaces also help in keeping the track of records as they have a built-in memory system that saves the result for future references or till the whole process is being done.

This process of using the moisture analyzer to check and control moisture in different samples is very important to maintain quality control and provide the most suitable and accurate results.

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