Indubitable perks of using an electric head shaver

Head shaving in men can be the consequence of various factors that encourage or force them to shave off their manes. Although the most popular reason is that of a medical condition or some kind of medical treatment that compels to shave the hair. However, some other factors that encourage head shaving are fashion or spiritual influences that can make men simply pick up the Head Shaver and shave off the hairs.

The spiritual path of channelising the inner energy to activate the “chakras”, motivates to shave the head in an attempt to attain spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual seekers are usually guided by the thought of experimenting with divinity through “Sadhana”. This spiritual practice involves the shaving of the head in some cases when one wants to direct the energy towards the head to activate the two “chakras” that are present in the upper body. Many men and women guided by spiritual gurus practice head-shaving during their “sadhana” period.

Speaking of fashionable influence, a bald head has come to become very popular lately and is graced by many men including celebrities. A bald head looks cool, younger, and fashionable and is one of the most convenient hairstyles to maintain and groom. Moreover, the introduction of the Electric Head Shaver in the shaving tools market has made head-shaving easy and more convenient. The electric shavers have changed the game for shaving tools and have garnered vast popularity among the masses.

However, apart from fashion goals and spiritual inclination, head shaving is most commonly the result of impending baldness. Most men by the age of 35 experience some form of baldness and to hide the embarrassment embrace the bald hairstyle. There are also some unfortunate events such as a treatment of a terminal illness where hair fall is a major side effect. Whatever the reason may be, to make hair shaving convenient and easy to achieve the role of electric shavers is exemplary.

Bid adieu to razor injuries: The conventional razor, although been around for the longest time, has a risk factor associated with it as due to the sharp blades injuries are quite common and frequent. Besides, people with sensitive skin end up having razor burns after shaving with traditional razors. Moreover, shaving the head with a razor is riskier as head shaving involves the rear part of the head which is very difficult to shave all by yourself. On the other hand, electric shavers are designed to glide through the contours of the head efficiently without any harm. The Head Shaver pulls the skin upward and forces the hair toward the rotating blades and efficiently cut the hair without any cuts or nicks.

Dry Shaving is the new vogue: The traditional razors carry the baggage of the age-old wet shaving with water and foam, which is both messy and inconvenient. The electric shavers have introduced the amazing shaving experience where you can ignore the mess caused by wet shaving and simply shave off the dry hairs. In simple words, the electric shavers are all for shave anywhere and anytime.

Smooth Pruning: The circular motion of the Electric Head Shaver ensures a smooth shaving experience. Most electric shavers available in the market come with a complete shaving kit that takes care of all the shaving requirements from trimming to shaving. Switching to an electric shaver can help in doing away with the inherent danger of a conventional razor. More specifically for shaving the head, an electric shaver is the best option as the injuries can be prevented.

Portability: The electric shavers are designed in a travel-friendly way and can be carried anywhere as a solution to shaving needs. You can just charge it and shove it inside your bag to travel any part of the world. Moreover, carrying your own shaving kit is part of the hygiene regime and can also save you from visiting a busy salon and wasting your time.

Functionality: The electric shavers are ergonomically designed to help in shaving conveniently and comfortably. Moreover, they save a lot of time as you can shave a head full of hair in a few minutes and in one go. The use of high RPM motors in the Head Shaver efficiently shaves the manes to create a smooth and clean dome.

Bottom Line

If you are making the switch from the conventional razor to electric shavers you are definitely in for some amazing benefits that will give you a new shaving experience. The decision of head shaving is a big one, as it will bring along with it a completely new appearance. However, investing in a good tool will ensure a perfectly shaved dome that you can flaunt. The electric shavers are, moreover, a cost-efficient alternative to the razors which require a regular change of the blades. The electric shavers last for a longer time and if taken proper care can last longer than usual. Besides, they are easy to clean, and also are less likely to leave behind ingrown hair after shaving.

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