How to Vape Correctly? – The Beginner’s Guide

It may seem to be a laughable question especially to those who already smoke. However, we hear a significant number of people showing disapproval of vaping simply because they aren’t familiar with the process. It may be difficult because they don’t know how to vape or use the device and the vaporizer. Some even find it hard to inhale probably because they got it all wrong.

Here we explore the right vaping technique. Hope this helps vapers to make the best out of their devices and the e-liquid.

How to Vape – start by keeping it simple

If you have zero experience with a vaporizer before, it is best to keep it simple. Hence start with an easy-to-use device. Initially, avoid the super tempting variable wattage and powerful box mods. It is not necessary because the abundance of adjustable features often causes more confusion than ease. Therefore a modest device should serve as the perfect stone for your vaping journey. It should teach you how to vape within your comfort zone.

Go with a basic starter kit

The simple devices may lack the bells and the whistles, but they make vapor nonetheless. Additionally, these starter kits are quite affordable and importantly, teach you how to vape. Firstly, get a basic starter kit. Secondly, they focus on efficiency, ease of use, and portability. Thirdly, these qualities make them perfect for new vapers and help them understand what is vaping and how to vape.

Finally, they act as a starting point in your vaping journey.


There are a bunch of starter kits that can help you on how to vape:

Pod vapes

These are perfect for those wanting to quit their smoking habits. It is available in two variants – refillable pod devices or standard ones.

Initially, pop in the e-liquid of your choice. Then, let it saturate for about 10 minutes or so. Later, insert the pod into the device. Finally, you can start vaping. Additionally, the pod system helps you to switch between flavors easily and they also use small quantities of e-liquid in a day.


They are known as All-in-one devices. AIO kits are specialized in condensing all the classic elements of a vape into a portable package.

However, these devices are refillable and provide options to replace coils.

E – Cigarettes and disposable E – cigarettes

E-cigarettes are hassle-free, fuss-free systems that work just fine. Nonetheless, they act as a precursor to the modern vaping mods available. They feature prefilled and refillable cartridges. However, they are already replaced by pod vapes.

The lesser know disposable e-cigarettes should be used only when there are no other options available. Although they are super simple to use, disposable E-cigarettes are losing their popularity by the day. Their vaping style is much similar to smoking a cigarette.


Most of the vaping kits come along with an instructor handbook that guides you about how to vape.

Choose the right e-juice

Selecting the right e-juice could be the biggest part of the entire vaping experience. However, the selection should go beyond opting for your favorite flavor. The nicotine preference varies from person to person. But the right amount of nicotine can make or break your vaping experience.

You should remember that the higher nicotine e-liquids come in smaller packages. While their counterparts, the lower nicotine e-liquids are packaged in larger bottles.

Determining the right nicotine levels might be crucial, but employees at the local shops can help you.

How to vape – Two popular methods to inhale vapor

The first time you vape and the way you inhale can totally make you love or hate the entire experience. Hence the first time is super important. An incorrect inhale leads to heavy coughing, a harsh throat hit, or sometimes an unpleasant rush of nicotine. Sadly, new vapers undergo this and it prevents them from picking up the vaping device ever again.

There are many vaping devices available in the market. However, there are only two types of popular inhalation techniques – mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung.

We’ll break down how to vape using both the methods


This vaping style is commonly seen in smaller vapes with high resistance coils. All the mouth-to-lung vapes have an extremely restrictive draw which is used to mimic the sensation of drawing from a cigarette. It produces very little vapor and works best for stealthy vapes. mouth-to-lung vaping devices are quite simple to use:

Initially, draw the vapor into your mouth slowly for a few seconds. Then, hold the vapor in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Later, use a small breath of air and take it to inhale the vapor into your lungs. Finally, exhale the vapor, and you are done. So simple, isn’t it?

This method is popularly called MTL. If you are looking forward to replacing smoking cigarettes, then this is the ideal way to go.


It is commonly known as DTL hit. direct-to-lung vapers work well with low resistance coils. Additionally, they require greater amounts of airflow. You will feel like sucking air via a thick straw when you vape using a DTL device. However, you can enjoy smooth and large amounts of vapor.

How to vape using a DTL vaper?

  • Draw the vapor into your lungs swiftly. It should feel similar to taking a long, deep breath.
  • Enjoy the massive vapor as you exhale the vapor immediately.

You can look at your nicotine strength to decide which draw works best. Roughly speaking, high nicotine e-liquids are most suitable for MTL devices. While their counterparts, low nicotine ones work perfectly with the DTL vapers.

Despite all the information, is there a definitive right or wrong way to vape?

Honestly, there is no right or wrong method to vape. You do what works for you. Follow the trial and error method and set your own style to enjoy the vaping experience. However, remember to avoid short drags. Once you figure out a rhythm, you can experiment with different liquids, varying wattages, or voltages. You can even try to change the duration of holding the vapor.

Some even experiment by exhaling through the nose instead of the mouth. So it is best to follow what matches your style and is suitable for you.

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