How to properly use a rowing machine

There are a lot of fitness gadgets and among them some are tricky to use. You may have the knowledge about the benefits of rowing machine, because it’s the best outdoor and indoor fitness machines. Besides how it simple its look like you have to pull the string to get a nice shape of body and ease your heart with cardio exercise then you are wrong.

Using the rowing machine in a right way is as important as how to lose your fats from the body and unlike other tools like cycling or lifting weights its little bit complicated but if you are reading this then you are on a right track.

How to ease your arm, leg, thigh, wings and in which position should you row while pulling the handle is going to be in this review. A detailed description about different use of rowing machine and based on expert views, using rowing machine properly will give the maximum out put that you want.


The first thing the rowing machine is that you should prepare your body accordingly like to put your feet on the stand and holding the handle and most important in the rowing position.

Without the perfect stance is doesn’t matter how hard you work but the effect would be minimum and you should know how to keep your back while rowing, when will you force your body to move with feet and when with arm while pulling the string.

Set the resistance to low for the first time that you can get an idea about the force and then firmly adjust your feet with pads around the strips so that the chances of sliding get minimum and bring your knees straight up in a position that when you pull the string the knees can get straight at the end.

The Pull

Most important is pulling because you will only feel the force of displacement with the pull and doing exactly it in manner can give you the maximum force. Knees should be bend at first and after the pull they should be straight up.

Never completely straight the knees and always keep a little bend so that the knees aren’t locked up and you can move them repeatedly. For those who have knees problem then they should remember this step because, straighten the knees at first can really cause a lot of pain.

Always pull the string from top, means put your fingers from top up side and roll them over the handle and never roll them from beneath. Pulling the handle from top is easier the rolled finger from bottom. Keep your elbow straight up and end them with breasts.

The rowing

At first keep you back slightly bended because when you keep your arms straight the back bend toward front and when you pull to end keep you back straight.

The rowing machine have two kind of exercise for arms and legs and both required different positioning. When you row with your arm you back should be slightly bend towards the front with straight legs and you don’t row your body just moving your hands while the seat is firmly adjusted with the support of your legs.

When you move your body with leg pressure while keeping the arms straight then you don’t pull the handle just move your body with seat till the end and straight the legs also. From bended knees to straight knees at the end is the exercise for leg isolation while from bended arms to straight arm is the exercise for arms isolation.


Overall the rowing machine usage is simple and the only focus that you should be doing is about which exercise and how much force. Depending upon your physical condition use the exact force that you can bear. There are other ways to understand the usage of rowing machine which can also give you an idea about the fitness tool.

Some rowing machine have built-in exercise modules for different weighted people and if you are not familiar with the force, use them to get along for few weeks and then customized accordingly.

You should feel during the exercise that which muscles gets the tensions while rowing if you are doing them right then your legs or arms should feel that force. If you have rowing machine in home then follow these steps but if you are in fitness academy then ask the professional to guide you along.

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