How to Click Beautiful jewelry photos with your phone

You know it is not the easiest matter if you have tried to imagine the gem using some kind of contraction. It’s little, colorful, and it’s got a thousand little details that sound horrible when they’re the smallest little bit fluffy.

You would think it’d be difficult to take this beautiful bad picture of jewelry, but sadly it’s too easy. Can you say why I have put the picture on Instagram and archived it on Instagram right?

You who have attempted it, even for someone who has a lot of experience, know that jewelry can be difficult to catch. I learned a trick or two after three years of photographing jewelry with only my phone. I will show you some optional toys, but even the right strategies will take you a long way.

  1. Light

If the lighting is not perfect, you can’t take a good shot. It is difficult to describe what is “rights” – the holy grail is indirect, ambient light, but different parts come to life under different terms.

In front of the living room walls, my favorite spot to make pictures of jewelry on my phone was: with blinds open when gloomy or shut when sunny. I have so far preferred the balcony in my new apartment. I just switch about while I’m out and about and try to take pictures until they look fine. This is very subjective.

  1. Focus

The two most important concepts to learn when making jewelry pictures with your telephone are lighting and focusing.

Focus-off pictures are unprofessional and annoying – it is the best way to tell your audience that you didn’t care much to do better. What’s the meaning, after all, of a photograph where the subject cannot be clearly seen?

  1. Stability

The best way to ruin a jewelry picture is not to concentrate the piece. Take a pic with stable stand or something where phone can not move. If you have small jewelry like earrings you need more stability.

  1. Zoom

Jewelry is tiny. You often want to get closer than a regular telephone camera would.

You purchase macro lenses in this way. You can place the clip on your phones or connect it with magnets. There are many different.

  1. Being Extreme particular

This is the most important thing, in fact. I sometimes take hundreds of pictures when I try to get a certain image. I will sit in the center of a jewelry shop on the floor if it takes to find the right light or a picture that is unchecked.

Joy is HARD photographing. For one cause or another, most pictures would turn out badly. You must be prepared to take a whole of bad ones if you want to hit the good ones.

Often in post-production, you can save bad lighting, but you can’t. Your pictures will be the same as the effort, and sometimes this effort will be like a slight tilting of your hand and 80 times trying again.

You have to decide what “good enough” is and then get there. Training is beneficial, but patience is what you really need.


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