Ayurvedic Massages: Types & Benefits

Have you ever thought of getting an ayurvedic massage in Sydney or Perth? If yes, you must have come across a wide variety of massages and therapies that the ayurvedic treatments are based on. Ever since its origination, about 5000 years ago, Ayurveda has been bliss to mankind for its outstanding benefits. And one of Ayurveda’s most popular treatment methods that are easily accessible is ayurvedic massages.

But, what does an ayurvedic massage incorporate? An ayurvedic massage is a rejuvenation therapy that involves massaging specific parts of the body, using warm essential oils. It is an ancient Indian medicinal treatment method that help to improve blood circulation, strengthen the lymphatic system, and revitalize the body. This holistic approach work like a wonder not only in treating ailments but also in rejuvenating the body as a whole.

So, if you want to ease pain or stress from a specific part of your body as well as increase the blood circulation in your body, opt for an ayurvedic massage! You will get the best results as ayurvedic massages are done by combining pressure, vibration, diverse motions, and aromatic herbal oils to relieve your body from pain or discomfort.

Now that you have a brief idea of what ayurvedic massages are and how it works, let’s delve into the different types of ayurvedic massage treatments along with their benefits.

Types of Ayurvedic Massages With Their Benefits

Below is the list of massages that you will commonly come across on visiting a reputed healthcare center of Ayurveda in Perth or Sydney.

#1. Abhyangam

It’s one of the most effective ayurvedic massages that incorporate the usage of medicated herbal oil. In this treatment procedure, a patient’s entire body is massaged with hot oil to cure the imbalance of the dosha. The oil used for the massage is chosen according to the medical condition of the patient. Ayurvedic practitioners make sure to execute the treatment process in a room that has maintained temperature.

They apply pressure and different motions on certain pressure points. This holistic approach assists the body in releasing toxins and increasing blood circulation. This ancient practice can be a boon for you if you want to strengthen the joints, muscles, and bones of your body.

#2. Garshana

This ayurvedic massage is a highly effective rejuvenation process that does not involve any usage of oil or herbal mixtures. Ayurvedic practitioners use raw silk gloves to stimulate the patient’s body. In this treatment procedure, practitioners actually stimulate the patient’s lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from the body with the help of light and vigorous movements. In fact, the vigorous motions further help in breaking down the fat cells.

The best thing about this massage treatment is that there is exfoliation of dead cells on the surface level while the skin is left appearing clean and radiant. In addition, since it’s a dry massage treatment, it opens up the pores for higher absorption of medicated oils. So, if Abhyangam is practiced immediately after this procedure, it delivers even more effective results.

#3. Pizhichil

In this ayurvedic massage treatment, a special vessel, named Kindi is used to pour warm oil from some inches above the body. The medicated herbal oil used in this procedure depends on the medical condition of the patient. This ayurvedic massage works best for curing the imbalance of Vata dosha while the oil is extremely useful in soothing the nerves.

Actually, the heat from the massage oil creates perspiration which is necessary to balance Vata dosha in the body. Apart from that, it also cures facture, paralysis, monoplegia, paraplegia, stiffness in the body, and paraplegia.

#4. Udvartana

If you want your body to release toxins and improve blood circulation at the same time, opt for Udvartana ayurvedic massage in Sydney. This ayurvedic treatment procedure works best for lowering cholesterol levels, reducing excess weight, improving skin complexion, and balancing Kapha dosha.

During this procedure, a herbal paste or dried herbal powder is applied in an upward direction, that is, against the hair growth direction. Overall, this ayurvedic massage helps in treating Kapha and breaking down the adipose tissues within the body.

#5. Shirodhara

This is an extremely powerful ayurvedic head massage that primarily aims to stimulate the nerves in the scalp. During this treatment procedure, a flowing stream of medicated or herbal oil is constantly poured on the scalp to treat a few issues. This massage is very effective in reducing mental fatigue, relieving headaches, as well as improving clarity and focus. So, if you are looking for magical therapies of Ayurveda in Perth to ease your mental stress, opt for this massage and see the wonders.

Bottom Line

Ayurvedic massages are highly efficient in treating joint pain, skin and hair problems, and several other health concerns. However, ensure consulting reputed ayurvedic practitioners whenever you plan to take up an ayurvedic massage in Sydney.

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