Air India Boeing 777 Fired in The International Airport of Delhi

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As the plane caught fire, a routine inspection on a Boeing 777 nearly resulted in catastrophe.

A fire broke out at the rear of the Air India airplane as maintenance technicians fixed the air conditioner of the airplane.

As several reports show, the fire was captured by the APU or the Auxiliary Power Unit. Apparently, as it moved to auto shut down mode, the device began emitting black smoke. The fire teams were prepared and poured foam on the back of the Boeing 777 to avoid a enormous catastrophe.

When the motors are shut down, the APU offers energy to big cars. They are most frequently used in aerospace, such as transport and trucking sectors.

There were no travellers on board the plane at the moment of the event. Delhi International Airport parked the Boeing 777.

The Boeing 777 was intended to depart for San Francisco but Air India postponed the plane after the event to perform adequate maintenance and explore the cause for the event.

Air India authorities said in a declaration to the local media that “After this case, APU was examined by opening its cowlings and there was no sign of any burning or internal harm observed except for the small remains of petroleum bubbles that were usual. There’s going to be detailed review.

The Boeing 777, registered by Air India as VT-ALF is regularly used on the route Delhi – San Francisco. The aircraft is set to resume flights, as Air India engineers found no significant damage to the 777‘s Auxiliary power unit.

Fires in aircraft are definitely rare, but sometimes they do happen. For example, almost a year ago, a Tupolev Tu-204 caught fire while in the air with 202 passengers. Nobody was hurt.

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