12 things to avoid after a hair transplant

Nowadays, you know that many people experience hair loss problems at several stages of their life. It can be temporary, but what if it is permanent hair loss? Then, it would be best if you get a hair transplant – one of the workable treatments for restoring hair. You will get long-lasting and permanent results with a one-time procedure.

However, if you are the one who gets the hair transplant must know that several things should be avoided after the hair transplant. This post will teach you about twelve things to avoid after the surgery. So, keep reading if you want to know these things.

Things To Avoid After Hair Transplantation:

After the hair transplant, a few minor side effects can occur, but if you follow proper aftercare instructions prescribed by your surgeon, it will be successful surgery. So, there are a few things that you must have to avoid after the hair transplanting surgery. Otherwise, these things can be harmful to you. Such as

1.     Don’t take a shower.

It is strictly not allowed to take a shower after 48 hours of the surgery. This is because there will be a bandage on your treated area, and the incision made for implanting hair follicles will be unhealed and weak. So, you shouldn’t take a shower for at least two days. If you don’t avoid this, it will lead your treated area to severe infection, and harmful bacteria can attack easily. So, you must ask about washing the treated area even after two days.

2.     Avoid taking the stress of hair fall.

Even though this is a perfectly normal, healthy part of your natural hair development cycle, many people don’t believe their hair will fall out after hair transplant surgery.

Approximately 5% to 15% of your hair is shedding at any time. Don’t worry if you experience shedding in the first two to four weeks following your treatment. There is no harm to your follicles. The new hair that emerges from those follicles in three months will be thicker, stronger, and healthier.

3.     You should avoid driving.

After the surgery, it will be best to bring someone with you who can safely drive you back home. Due to the effects of anesthesia, the experts never suggest the patient drive. It can be harmful and dangerous for the patient to drive. So, avoid driving for a few days after the surgery.

4.     Do not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol causes you to get dehydrated. As a result, your healing time may be slowed down, and your discomfort level may rise. If you smoke tobacco, avoid it because good hair development requires adequate blood supply. So, it would be best to avoid these two things after the surgery.

5.     Avoid going out in direct sunlight.

Direct sun rays can be harmful to the treated area. It can develop an infection or even a tumor in your treated area. So, avoid going out in direct sunlight, but if necessary, try to cover your head and avoid rays as much as possible.

6.     Do not sleep flat.

The patient should avoid sleeping flat or straight after the surgery. It is necessary to sleep elevated head. Sleeping in the right position can reduce swelling risks and bleed.

7.     Better to avoid taking blood thinning medicines

The hair specialist always advises stopping blood thinning medication like aspirin before and after the surgery. These medicines make the blood thin, and they will not stop bleeding, which can be a big problem. So, avoid taking such medication.

8.     Avoid performing physical activities.

Such activities as running, gym, exercise, or other physical activities must be avoided after the surgery. Activities like these can be a reason for sweating which is not good for the treated area. That is why surgeons advise avoiding doing this.

9.     Do not dye your hair.

As you know, hair colors are made up of chemicals, and these compounds aren’t good for recently treated areas. Once your recovery period is complete and with proper hair growth, you can dye your hair. But for the initial months, you should avoid dyeing your hair.

10.  Avoid touching, rubbing, or scratching.

The hair specialist advises patients to avoid touching, scratching, or combing the treated area. These acts can peel the wound’s mask and can be a reason for infection. So, avoid doing these acts with your head or treated area.

11.  Do not eat fast food.

Maintaining your diet after the surgery is necessary, but not by eating fast food. Such foods aren’t good and do not produce proteins that new hair growths require. Instead, you should eat healthy food and avoid fast food.

12.  Avoid missing prescribed medication.

Last but certainly not least, the surgeon always recommends painkillers and antibiotic medicines for prevention. You must follow the instructions and don’t ever skip taking medications.

Do You Want To Know More?

Therefore, these are the most common things that should be avoided after hair transplant surgery. However, if you are still confused or want to know more about it, you can consult one of the best clinics – royal cosmetic clinic Islamabad. Their experts will help you and guide you perfectly.

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